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  From time to time we get letters from recent guests telling of their wonderful experience at Tip Top Wilderness Lodge. We like to share such letters with those who are interested in our great Canadian adventure. Below are first hand accounts of what Tip Top Wilderness Lodge has been for others. Perhaps it can offer you more insight on the great experience that is "Canadian fly-in fishing at its best!"  


I was with the group with Mike Kasun from 5/27-5/31 of this year. My father, Dave, and I had a great time. It was our first trip to your lodge, and my first Canadian fishing trip. The setting, facilities, staff, and food were wonderful, many times exceeding my expectations. The fishing, however, was off the charts. Once my dad and I spent the day with Richard guiding us, we had enough knowledge of the technique and locations to really haul them in.

One night after dinner, I went out with the 2 Laural Brothers (legendary with our group for their fishing skills) to Horseshoe Bay at about 7:45pm. When we finally decided to call it a night at 10:15pm, we had caught approx 80 Walleye from 19" to 24" between the 3 of us. It may have been a combination of the time of day, location, and skills of my fishing mentors for the evening, but whatever it was, I am not sure it could be duplicated at too many other places!

I know Mike, Tom, Jeff, and a few of the others have been coming to your lodge for years, and I can definitely see why. With any luck, my dad and I will join them again soon to experience some great Canadian fishing. Thanks to you and your staff for a wonderful trip.

Brian Boie

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