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  From time to time we get letters from recent guests telling of their wonderful experience at Tip Top Wilderness Lodge. We like to share such letters with those who are interested in our great Canadian adventure. Below are first hand accounts of what Tip Top Wilderness Lodge has been for others. Perhaps it can offer you more insight on the great experience that is "Canadian fly-in fishing at its best!"  

Bob and Sally,

Our September trip to Tip Top Lodge was by far the best fishing trip my brother Steve and I have ever taken in our lives. White Otter Lake is defiantly your "signature lake" their. You've got to figure a way to get more transportation and more boats on that lake for your guest. And we only hit maybe 5 miles of the lakes area. At least for September fishing, this is a lake that pumps you and drives you to return to Tip Top Lodge.

Our second day their was on White Otter with our guide Jeff. It was our "stellar day"! Steve said his wrist hurt that evening from reeling in fish and casting; Bass galore and Northern Pike for us both. Small mouth bass are pound for pound the hardest hitting and toughest fighters we've ever caught in 40 years of fishing. Large mouth black bass have nothing on these fish in a fight. Jeff was quite a caricature, put us right on the fish and was fun to be fishing with. His experience of the lake was quite evident.

Day three we went back to White Otter unguided and had another great day. We didn't want to leave and return to the lodge for diner!

Day four was with Bob on Maples Lake. Bob is a great individual, very professional and wonderful personality. He told us his works history as a Canadian Park Ranger. He's the perfect person for the task of running the lodge and guiding as well.

We never we're guided or fished with Ike. Spoke with him several times at the lodge and he gave us great fishing tips. We really liked him and his personality very much. The lodge staff was perfect and Sally is equally a pleasant personality and wonderful lady representing the lodge.

As fishermen from Texas, I'd like to say the locals at the lodge really seem to like fishing for Walleye. What a tasty fish! We really enjoyed the fast action on White Otter Lake for the Bass and Northern Pike however.

The first days fishing for your group of 16 from Denver seemed somewhat disappointing for some as they spoke at diner that evening. Five of them went to White Otter there second day their and came back with huge smiles and great stories to tell at diner.

From the limo service from International Falls, the sea plane ride to the lodge, lodge accommodations and rustic log cabins, great food and guest services, and the beauty of the Canadian wilderness, this was a stellar trip never to be forgotten. And don't forget the daily shore lunches of fresh caught fish served on pristine lake shores by campfire. Awesome!! We had always been told Texas is God's country. Then we experienced Canada. What an eye opening experience this was!

We definitely intend to return to Tip Top Lodge. Heck, we'll use a tent and sleep on White Otter Lakes beach shores for 5 days! Not kidding! Thanks so much for a fishing extravaganza Canadian style never to be forgotten between two brothers!

Tim Baxter
General Manager

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