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  From time to time we get letters from recent guests telling of their wonderful experience at Tip Top Wilderness Lodge. We like to share such letters with those who are interested in our great Canadian adventure. Below are first hand accounts of what Tip Top Wilderness Lodge has been for others. Perhaps it can offer you more insight on the great experience that is "Canadian fly-in fishing at its best!"  

Ralph Rodriguez
c/o Tip Top Wilderness Lodge
Sanford Lake, Ontario Canada

Dear Ralph,

As we begin preparations for our second annual client appreciation event at Tip Top Wilderness Lodge, I wanted to share specific thoughts on what made last year's event so memorable.

For many of the group of 23 businessmen that made the trip, this was their first experience of the Canadian Wilderness. Needless to say that most expected to be roughing it in rustic accommodations with the bare minimum of amenities and luxuries. How wrong we were - we arrived to find wonderful accommodations, delectable meals, and service extraordinaire, all amidst incredible scenery.

The hustle and bustle of everyday life was soon forgotten as we settled down to an incredible week of adventure, lots of laughter, and of course amazing fishing - an experience that will stay with us all for a life-time.

While we couldn't help but "talk a little shop", the ambiance of the Lodge and its surroundings provided a truly unique opportunity to enhance and further strengthen the wonderful relationships we have with the clientele being appreciated.

All 'round, this was an amazing experience that has us anxious to return again this year, and for many years to come.

Buckets of kudos to Bob and Sally Burns and their superb staff for a hospitality that is second to none.

Here's to "tight lines" and another memorable visit to Tip Top Wilderness Lodge again this year!

Grant B. Dismore
Sr. Vice President
Childress Engineering Services, Inc.

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